The First Trillionaire

The novel, ‘The First Trillionaire’ is about a young protagonist who has led an uneventful life, but she herself is quite remarkable. The novel progresses in a fast pace, with myriad characters thrown in, and their connection with the main protagonist becomes clearer as one delves deeper into the story.

A Novel by Sapna Jha

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For you are born out of love, patience, trust and belief of years. That jolt was the biggest of the change in momentum to give the sweetest of all things. The Goddess has created you out of the highest change in momentum of love in the shortest time. You will be one of the greatest creations of the universe and your birth, has been witnessed by the goddess herself. It is her duty now to pamper, supervise, and bring up her creation and make her into one of the most beautiful flowers. The goddess loves her creations and this hibernation of adversity is for crossing a temporary threshold.

The goddess has many other acts to perform, but she will definitely allocate adequate time for you and when she does, it will be the entire universe, which will stand in your support, every bit of earth, air, water, sun, moon, planet, star, galaxies and the goddess herself will nourish you with her love. You only have to trust her and believe in her love and she will synchronise all the forces of the world to propel you to the zenith. Their concerted effort will create a miracle and you will be on the top of the world.

"Vanashree unwavering in her belief in the goddess and her plans for Shail"

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Sapna Jha

Sapna Jha’s ordinary nature as a woman comes packaged with extraordinary passion for quality writing, beauty, fashion, yoga, gym and strolls. She also nurtures insatiable passion for scrapbooking for the little ones. With a staunch belief in kindling hope to the world, She highly believes it to be the best healer. She also believes that one’s happiness can only be found from within and that it’s pursuit is worth.

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Extract of First Trillionaire

Prologue of The First Trillionaire:

For the world, she was born out of wed-lock, and without any identity of her own. She is naïve in the ways of the world but she knows she is born and brought up right. She has faith and with it, she breaks open the shackles of misfortune intended on keeping her wrapped in her meager existence. She carves her own path, head held-high and eyes full of dreams. She is Shail, a girl who dared to dream with her eyes open. Comes Internet and comes the winds of change in her life. She occupies the headlines of news channel in no time, staring out of the front page of newspapers for she was to be the First Trillionaire.

A self-sufficient and content life she had, but that was to change forever. The change that was to give her what she never had – wealth of money and wealth of relationships from her past. She never thought that doing right and having faith in herself was going to be her weapon against the wrong around her. Shail was an innocent girl, who dared to take on the mighty and strong with her firm determination not to bow down. She knows that only the right way to take on the wrongs is by doing right. Her belief in Ma Durga was the only shield for her as she stepped into the world that had already forsaken her existence. For, in her little world, her mother and Ma Durga were the only reason for her existence, with the world around her a strange unfamiliar place. Little did she know she will be the darling of the media and cynosure of all eyes once she discovered Internet? As she unraveled the mysterious world that Internet opened up before her, her old ties came looking for her who were to give her what no one before had achieved in this world. She went on to become the First Trillionaire in the whole world. Is it so easy to be one? Or does it require the wealth of many other billionaires to be one? Her destiny made sure that she became one even before she was born. She is Shailputri, who got the riches which had always belonged to her.

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