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What is it short for India to leap into a digital era?

Developmentalism wasn’t at its strong hold in our economy, still, India managed to survive a dozen of Global crisis that shook other world powers. So what […]

The Black Money, Demonetization & India

Walking through a financial revamp was more like a flinty carving. It portrayed the chronicles of a revolt, reciting the story of a country that erected […]

Post Demonetization Update: Government Hospitals & Upsurge

Demonetization was highly obligatory in the present scenario, but such a wide scale enactment shouldn’t make it any worse for thecommon man, however considering the population […]

How will fiscal India look on 2017-18?

Marching to the 70th year of liberty, India never expected such a financial dilemma this late. However, if something stupefied the onlookers it might be the […]

How Eateries Joined the Note Ban Revolution?

Who wouldn’t love a warm cup of coffee amidst sunset with a favorite street bite? Indian food industry might be one attraction why tourists are lured […]

Did note ban helped LIC?

The prime ministers dazzling move in withdrawing the legal tender for 500 & 1000 rupee currency might be well praised by some institutions, who enjoyed the […]

Demonetization: Boon or Bane for Auto India?

Apparently, demonetization deem to be an encumbrance for the public, despite the fact that it’s just a firefly effect. The act might seem to jolt the […]
Demonetization & GST- A ladder for Indian Economy

Demonetization & GST- A ladder for Indian Economy

Long days of parley& finally the much-awaited GST is closing the gap from taking the Indian economy into newer meadows. But it was totally a startling […]
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