How to become a trillionaire?

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The question itself is consummate letting the fact that, nobody has ever been a trillionaire so far. But it has been a modern day viral question in many online podiums, which would often end up in the nearest possible trillionaire The Bill Gates. Still, the question ‘how’ is obscure and haven’t had a clear rejoinder elsewhere. Thinking with glasses of a statistician being a trillionaire isn’tan impossible task, but how is the difficult question. Let us try to answer some of thepossible theories that atleast make you a trillionaire in your asleep thoughts!
Understand a trillionaire.1
In the practical life, there are many trillionaires among us when you take into excuse the Zimbabwe dollars whose highest denomination is 100 trillion! Other than that Indian billionaire MukeshAmbani is a trillionaire in the INR context. But the international standards are always calculated in the USD or United States Dollar. So when tobrowse the internet if you are caught with the trillionaire dilemma is it mostly in the USD context.

Forbes is an American business magazine which takes a survey annually to estimate the richest people around the world. According to their latest revised list billionaire Bill Gates has a net worth around $ 81.9 billion USD, who is currently believed to hit a trillion mark in the next couple of decades. Indian richest man MukeshAmbani falls into 25 ~ 30 in the place. So a trillionaire concept is fulfilled when 10 followed by 12 zeros are made into the net worth!
Learn from the prevailing

2The first step of being a trillionaire starts from sculpting wisdom out of scratch. Existing rich people are business persons rather than an employee or a politician. Lately, half a dozen kings from the sultanates have also found their way into the list, but yet they are a kingdom, not a person! So make yourself be a hardcoded businessman in the twitch itself. To start adding zeros to your net worth, there must be a revolutionary idea in hand which should have an impact on the lives of people. All the existing billionaires are businessmen with an idea that changed the world. Bill Gates came up with Microsoft, Amancio Ortega had a clothing company Zara, and Warren Buffet had a multinational conglomeration the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and so on.  So always be ready for a good start in the first step of being a trillionaire.

Prepare the mindset3
Before stepping feet into business one must prepare their mind to take in and live with failures. None of the successful heads in the history had a suave life. So in the long journey you might fall mentally, economically, Wealth wise and even life wise. But scavenging the strength from failures fuel a person to take that bold stand which could make a billionaire at the expense of brain like on Larry Page & Sergei Bin.

Discover the best investment.
4While IT was the money maker for past decade, oil was before that. Each billionaire’s story will give us a clue to finding the right investment.  If that doesn’t work, try the Buffet way, sharing investment to a multitude of sources. In light of future techs, energy will be a crucial concern that could bring a great time fortune for being a trillionaire. The economical inflation would cut short the distance between a billion and trillion.  The thirst for oil is about to put off in the coming 25 years, where the energy will is expected to come from renewable sources and fusion reactor technology. Raise some money, invest it in developing consistent energy technology and you can more or less be a billionaire if the things work out right for you! Energy investment is a sure short provided nothing gets on its way like the pollution came from oil!
Improve the value of your service 5
The doubling factor always comes when the demanded material is scarce but vital. So either improve the value of your service or try some way to make it scarce. Either way, each unit of demand will constitute to 10X or 20X increase in the value of service. For example, say you have developed clean energy technology which is very competent to exist solutions. Here the factor cleanliness is what going to improve the value, provided all the bells ring in synchrony.

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