How to become a trillionaire?
How To Become Millionaire Before 30

The psychology of doubling money started along with the earliest known civilization. It is how the system works, one would service/product in exchange fora multiplied worth. Let us see how to turn a $1000 in hand to one million in a short duration of two years.

  1. 1Are you a tech geek? Well, you got your money in the pocket. There are thousands of problems and dilemma’s that pop up in the tech world  daily, all you have to do is find some that would fit your gut and solve it for a solution. If you have successfully invested money and time, all you need to do is find some buyers via LinkedIn, Upwork or other trading platforms. You may also go directly to big shots if you are confident enough.
  2. 2Do you have the nerve to risk the initial? Well then try share market. The chances are pretty needle lined, but if you have the right source and a great knowledge about shares, then make some smart moves. You may try some less risky share patterns to work out the trade.
  3. 3The old school way- Farming and agriculture! Go to nearest authority in your area who provides all necessary information and support for starting a farm, agriculture preparation etc. Find the best money crop or farm startup that you can implement in your area. Do some math, find some land/farm for lease and make no mistake, you will be amillionaire after two monsoons!
  4. 4The real deal – Real estate market: Before you start, find some genuine partners, split, and pool some money to advance on a land, property or a building. Find a solid buyer using your skill, talk out a deal and if you did a good job, you have earned 10X already by them. Rest is your common sense!

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