New features for 500 & 2000 rupee currencies

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If demonetization marked the death of old 500 & 1000 rupee currencies, it also celebrated the birth of new 2000 & 500 rupee notes. In the initial rumors, there was a state of the art Nano chip in new currencies, which subsequently proved to be a hoax. If nothing is furnished in the new release, how come it is superior to previous currencies? Excluding the Nano chip part, the new currencies are equipped with morphological features that might give a hard time for counterfeit fabricators. Around 40,000 crores worth 2000 bank notes marched to various banks across India, but people had to wait a little longer before laying hands on the new 500 note. Imprinted with the India’s pride Mangalyaan on the reverse side, the magenta note was initially a wonder for all.  To splash some color, let us run a little depth about the security aspects of new currencies.

Features on new release common for both 2000 & 500 rupee denomination

Front Side:

  • A transparent register with denomination value printed in numerals, which is visible when held straight against.
  • Concealed image carrying the denomination numeral, which is visible when the image is held 45-degree angle to the line of sight.
  • The numeral value printed in Devanagari script on the left-hand side of the viewer.
  • A color shifting windowed security thread inscribed with ‘भारत’ throughout the length in the numeral value of the denomination. The color of the thread changes from green to blue upon tilting the note.
  • Guarantee clause followed by Governor’s signature and promise clause along with RBI emblem just underneath it.
  • Mahatma Gandhi portraits in the center of currency.
  • Numbering sequence on the top left and bottom right of the note, that grows from left to right in the order to numerals.
  • On the right-hand bottom side, the denomination value is written in roman numerals, which shifts color from green to blue when tilted.
  • Ashoka Pillar symbol on the right-hand side margin.

Reverse Side:

  • Year of printing the note, on the left-hand top margin side.
  • Swachh Bharat slogan just beneath year of printing.
  • Language panel denoting the denomination in various Indian languages

For visually impaired:

  • Intaglio or Projecting imprint of Mahatma Gandhi portrait & Ashoka Pillar symbol.

Exclusive features on 2000 rupee notes

Front Side:

  • Micro letters featuring ‘RBI and ‘2000’ on the left-hand side of bank notes.
  • Distinguishable magenta tone.


Reverse Side:


  • The mangalyaan motif on the center-right plane.


For visually impaired:


  • Denoting the denomination value of 2000 using raised horizontal rectangle on right-hand side
  • Has braille features with seven angular bleed lines on both right and left side of the currency.


Exclusive features on 500 rupee notes

Front side:

  • Micro letters featuring ‘RBI and ‘500 on the left-hand side of bank notes.
  • Distinguishable stone gray
  • Changed orientation and relative position of Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait.

Reverse Side:

  • Red fort motif on the center-left plane.


For visually impaired:


  • Denoting the denomination value of 500 in circle
  • Braille features of five bleed line on both left and right side of notes.

So there you go, next time when the new currencies hit your pocket don’t forget to give them a glance.

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