banking transaction tax


Why is the 2000 rupee notes printed & circulated more than the much needed 100?

It wasn’t until November 8th people start to discuss 2000 INR bank notes.  A pink sheet of art with some features that most aren’t aware of. […]

Some common myths regarding demonetization

India is going through some great financial renovations. The fact is that people depend on anything from verbal contacts to the internet for gathering news regarding […]

Being a bank employ during 2016 demonetization

If it wasn’t the note ban and tailing event, this might have been an enthralling year end, possibly for bank employees. It came with no notice, […]

What happens to demonetized notes collected in banks?

Everything is clear till the part where demonetized currencies are exchanged in the local banks. But what’s the story after that? According to RBI around 17.7 […]
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