denomination of indian currency


What are the major differences between 1978 & 1946

demonetization compared to the present one?   The implementation of similar note bans had happened in the past too, to be precise in 1946 during British […]

How great e-wallets were in the repercussion of demonetization?

Ninth of November woke with a frowny face, most of them with an apprehension about the 500 and 1000 notes in hand. It was an unexpected […]

How does demonetization impact on the GDP of India?

The impact of demonetization couldn’t be scaled to draw a conclusion, but its effect can be felt over all areas contributing to the nation’s GDP.  In […]

Some FAQ’s by NGO’s, public & businesses regarding demonetization.

Demonetization of bank currencies was one nimble execution that India was long awaiting. Though hurried action had created a lot of tension and confusions among the […]
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