The Black Money, Demonetization & India

Post Demonetization Update: Government Hospitals & Upsurge
What is it short for India to leap into a digital era?
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Walking through a financial revamp was more like a flinty carving. It portrayed the chronicles of a revolt, reciting the story of a country that erected the pillars for serendipity. The final tally would undeniably stand in favor of the country man, but what was the notion, drive, and rationale for such an abrupt decision?

Black Money’ – the habitual newspaper junkie would say. The new gen technophile might splash some more vivid ideas, dug from the depth of so-called ‘conspiracy’. But we forget to contemplate our keen polished ‘logic’. Whatever that looks like a sudden outcome is just apparent and short lived. It wouldn’t be fair to say that ‘we enjoy the shade because we spared that tree, but someone did plant it long ago, unaware of what it might become’.  Thankfully, here the long term goals are well defined and reckoned, all it entailed was to implement it.

What would you expect from a nationwide surge in a country of billion? We can’t actually complain the aftermath to be a catastrophe, rather it is apt to call it a ‘mild shock of a better tomorrow’. India is a colossal landmass with uneven population distribution. Provided the country was given its autonomy in the past century, we lacked that proper administration in governing the billions. But it wasn’t too late for a change and demonetization shall be called the first stone in that inevitable process. The ride is never smooth without good roads and India is one the headway constructing an unassailable one.

There was no hidden agenda if you could light your eyes and see the resolution happened. The physical existence of wealth shall be subjected to law, that might be the notion behind demonetization. But don’t conclude it to be a ‘one hit one goal’ game. Though the shot was one, the goals were miscellaneous. Who would think a game cooked in the master minds of Indian administration to be a vague and fruitless one? Demonetization wasn’t a game of pawns and throne, it was between morality and lawless. Is it the lethargy or fear stopping you from taking the first step? If you can resolve your logic to think on-track, the fast fruit is bitter but the late fruit is sweet!

Black money was simply the joker in the equation, putting the card out enabled a deep level infiltration without wearying. Now there is an open window for thelaw to sneak into the underground world of lawlessness. And don’t worry about tomorrow, there won’t be any hunting in the future because tomorrow’s land is made fertile with law and righteousness. Digital India shall be called the guides man, holding our hands into a better institution, far more advanced than what it is today. If demonetization is choking you, it might be either due to the crumbled systems or you have tasted the unlawful fiscals that turned bitter & pungent now. Set your inertia apart and start walking, throw away the shades that block your future vision and dream for a better India. Just remember ‘If you had a worry, you’re a going to have a merry’- as simple as that!

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