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Say you are a parent, and you have a kid. If you get a chance to provide the best in class education for your child but has to sacrifice your comfort, won’t you be ready wholeheartedly for such a cause? That’s how one must conceive this thought of demonetization too. Everything you are doing now will benefit your child providing them the warmth of a developed country and good living conditions in a well civilized and brought up society. A temporary discomfort is merely part of any great decisions ever happened. India got their Independence after sacrificing millions of lives, similarly, each one of us is survivors and we have to always anticipate a disquiet in life to finally safeguard our heirs. But the fact is that here the discomfort is actually apparent, it is simply a dilemma forged as a product of panic and verbal asphyxiation. In a country of billion with the right to speech and expression, such a deed wouldn’t be difficult.

Let us be a good citizen and support the cause for a better future holding hands together. Here are few things you could actually do in order to make a contribution to the nation and being a patriot.

  1. Don’t spread panic: It’s basically a part of human psychology. People are easily drenched into a panic situation like a chain reaction & spreading it to others. You shall get to the bottom of this situation and understand the fact that, your legal money is never safer than before and it will be yours all time. The term legal money shall be referred to that money retained in your hand physically but has a proper source to furnish. In such a case there is no need for any sort of worry.
  2. Confiscate illegal money: Might sound a little awkward, but things are taken this far and the support from ordinary citizens are growing day by day. In such a situation one can be a true patriot no matter if they are been rolled in the dirt of black money. Simply confiscate the money to income tax department and pay your fine. This way you will be a good example for others out there and you can be proud that you did your part.
  3. Don’t help launderers: Money is what ruling the world. Someone might approach you to deposit the minimum safe limit in your account to get it laundered back to white. You may be offered 10 ~ 50% in return for such a help, but if found it is a crime. In other case helping such launders might compromise the objective of this initiative and you will be the one finally suffering in future with inflation and corruption.
  4. Guide others: If you reading this and digesting the points, then you know what to do. Be a Good Samaritan and guide those who don’t have any idea about the situation. You can find answers to all queries in RBI website, simply run through circulars and spread the news. If your close acquaintances are in agony spread a hand to help them and others around you. You can educate the public around you regarding actions they must follow.
  5. Learn to use cards: E-payment options like Debit card, Credit card, other e-wallets etc. can be used here to dilute the situation. If you don’t know how to use them, graze the internet and learn how to. It is not a great deal after all, you may also help your relatives and friends in using the e-money to survive this phase.
  6. Be the gentle one: Many news’s reported disputes among bank employees and queue racers. Understand the fact that each employee in the bank had sacrificed their quality time, food and comfort to simply serve and help you get through this dilemma. Small mistakes might happen but it is you who can be gentle with the situation and offer a breeze of patients, which might encourage others too.

Always use your common sense to guide others too. Never make a rush, always try to take the life back to normal and help others to get on track too. Being selfish doesn’t give you any advantage here, but rather being an aide might make you a better human!

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