What public think about demonetization.

What happens to demonetized notes collected in banks?
Some FAQ’s by NGO’s, public & businesses regarding demonetization.

The public would land on a mixed review, but the verdict always stays in favor of note ban. The honest Indians still highly praises the objective of this mission. It is true that many had an agony in the aftermath, but the great news is that the common man hauling the agony is ready to bear this temporary discomfort for a developed nation and corruption-less tomorrow, in exchange. In fact, appreciation hover from each nuke and corner of the country in implementing such a bold move! After all, the developing young India is ready to work out their common sense to understand the science of such a decision.

One would find a mixed review among the public, the only tantrum one would complaint would be the slow pace in stabilizing the situation. But people aren’t just ready to see the issue in a wider perspective, the turmoil created in light of the demonetization is simply a gameplay let loose by those black money lords and media. If one can scrutinize the reality using common sense then rest would be serenely assured. People depend on a multitude of sources to get an answer, which in fact finally take them into the middle of confusion. It’s always better to knock a single door for answers.

Many think that demonetization was intended for the benefit of the government, if you carefully inspect the objective of the mission, it’s completely dedicated to the common man, for his welfare and development! In fact, a lot of opposing political parties came up with interpretations that this was mean and focused for benefitting the ruling party, but in reality, the unbiased implementation of this decision will be reflected if one can graze through the monetary breakdown and statistics. The supporter desk chairs some of the important personalities, economists, experts, opposition ministers, and a billion of public !

This decision is an eye opener for many citizens. Nobody would have anticipated this coming. In fact, a genuine taxpayer needn’t have to be worried about the decision because it won’t bug them. However, if you are bathing in the shadow of black money, probably it is going to be a nightmare for you. Supports came from all levels of the society, even the IMF made a statement supporting prime minister’s bold action in banning the notes.

Many couldn’t digest the idea of a surgical strike against black money. Why couldn’t the government give a time frame to exchange notes while they were still legal? Or instead, they could have replaced the denominations with a new currency with a  similar exchange policy? The answer lies in the history of Indian economics itself. Similar initiatives were adopted in the past to eliminate black money, but everything resulted in a nose dive due to the ingenious strategies used by underground lords. Moreover, corrupted governments can’t vote for such an action in parliament, which if put for a discussion would have been a terrible mistake.

Despite the hardships, the number of supporters is growing day by day, no matter how efficient the pullers are trying! The confusion is quite normal in decisions like this, due to the nature of the amendment, but its efficacy will be sung later in the future India. Some people complain the inefficient implementation of the decision, a little time frame could have been allotted for avoiding discomfort, says many. But the fact is that even an extra second would be utilized by those grimy undercover shadows to launder the money, which will compromise the objective! After all, it’s not for someone else, it’s for us and our future!

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